COMPLAINT ANTI (ΣM) PÁTICA. 2012, Sala de Arte joven de la comunidad de Madrid.

We used the exhibition  ¨Empathetic  Art Room¨ at Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid as a frame to expose a document dating back to 1998 and issued by the Ombudsman for Children. In the document, the organization of the same gallery is given the warning that Antonio de la Rosa´s work, which was selected by an independent curator to be exhibited there, may be read as a criminal offence against children. Finally the work was not exhibited. In this case, the institution which (un)legitimizes the artist and his work is directly a political body which appeals to the Constitution, bypassing the curators and organisms usually entitled to do so. The document opens a debate about morality and the limits in art, and also the interpretation of the artwork by official entities which presume a specific reading from the public, taking for granted its empathy with the artwork and drafting the text in a curatorial or journalistic criticism style.   

As a cover we used the documentation of ¨You hit me, I pay you¨ presenting it as the official work for Empathetic Art Room, while giving out our facsimiles of the document paid with our exhibition fees.