BUGGY BARBECUE. 2012, Museo de América, Madrid. 

This action is inserted within Latinamerica Go.es, an investigation project carried out by Elgatoconmoscas and the collective Arquitectura Expandida.

The aim of this project is to carry out a study about the different cultural appropiations taking place in certain public spaces in Madrid by Latin American communities. The informal commerce of typical latin american products, something completely normal in their countries of origin,  was among the different activities.

​As part of the program of the exhibition “Museos y Modernidad en Transito” (Museums and Modernity in Transit), which took place in the Museum Américade Madrid, the collective received the proposal of working on an idea that questioned the role of the anthropological museums nowadays. Taking this need of auto criticism from the institution as a starting point, they organized days of debates aiming to collectively reflect about the problems of “looking at the other”. As an excuse over which these conversations orbited, the exhibition took place, with the placement of a makeshift pram/barbeque bought in one of the locations frequented for the LatinoamericaGo.es project, resembling an object found in the anthropology museum.

We also use this barbecue buggy.