THE EVENT IS OUTSIDE. 2015, Sala de Arte de Avenida de América, Madrid. 

C.I.T.I  – Technically Unpredictable Investigation Centre (in spanish)-  Is a program of exhibitions, actions and activities of artistic investigation with cities as a common subject. Projects taking place in this temporal centre are based on the observation os situations, locations and stories to which the artists apply different creative strategies to identify and reconsider the logics governing the urban space.  

the second phase of C.I.T.I is focused on the transformation of the city through socio-political dynamics. The predicaments and possibilities of this transformations are at the centre of the artistic investigations which configure this exhibition and which intervene and imagine the development of the urban societies from a political point of view. In “The Event is outside” the collective Elgatoconmoscas presents three projects about the management and the appropriation of the public space. There are three actions based on the observation of sport and cultural practices of latin-american origins which take place in Madrid, aiming to bring to light and acknowledge these experiences which are not backed up by the administrations. All three actions are part of the project Latinoamericago.es. 

We organize a barbecue with the buggy in the house of the curators of the exhibition