ECUAVÓLEY. 2012, public espace, Madrid. 

This action is inserted within Latinamerica Go.es, an investigation project carried out by Elgatoconmoscas and the collective Arquitectura Expandida.

The aim of this project is to carry out a study about the different cultural appropiations taking place in certain public spaces in Madrid by Latin American communities. Among the numerous activities are practices related to traditional dance, the informal commerce of typical Latin American products, and sport activities such as the “Vitilla” (Caribbean baseball), or “ecuavoley”, a modality of volleyball of Ecuadorian origin with its own rules. In Madrid, 150 ecuavoley courts were counted in 6 weekends, a total of 24.000m2, 1.050 people directly involved  only in the games.

With this proposal (project), Elgatoconmoscas bets the public money obtained as their fees in a previous exhibition (“Sala de Arte Empatico”, at Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid), in matches with or against Ecuadorian teams, in the locations where the game is actually played. Apart from the public money, territorial relationships around the “Home” and “Away” come into play, obtaining a bi-directional integration experience.